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5 Keys to Communication Success

Successful Communication at Public Events
Part 4 - Choose Your Seat Wisely
Environmental Tip
Environmental Tip

The number one environmental modification you can make at public events is where you sit. Choose seats near the front, closest to the stage or podium. This puts you closer to the speaker's face so that you can see those critical lip movements and facial expressions that convey important information and make it so much easier to understand what is being said.
Let's Practice

Plan ahead when making arrangements to attend a public event. If you need to purchase tickets, do so early so that you can purchase seats near the front and center of the venue. If the seating is open, plan to leave extra early so you can claim those choice seats!
Practice Makes Perfect!
Henry's Hearing Aid Tip

Your hearing care provider can create a special program in your hearing aids that is tailored specifically for public events. If you regularly attend religious services, musicals or plays, talk to your provider about these situations so he or she can program your hearing aids accordingly. One such program is called "Music." The Music program is designed to make music sound more natural and can be used anytime you are listening to music, whether at home, in the car, or at a public event.
Having issues with your hearing aids? Check out our handy Troubleshooting Guide!
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