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Lunes Reflections on this
Indigenous Day

As we celebrate this day, I’d like to acknowledge the Salish people whose lands have healed me, it is where I was born, and a special place I feel such a strong connection to the mountains, waters & trees.  

For me, whose heritage is mixed with African, Native American and Latino roots, today is special time.  As a de-tribalized indigenous women of mixed heritage, also known as a Latina we are never truly viewed as “Indigenous” which in many ways keeps the genocide of Native people alive and ongoing.

I am feeling the strong energy of the Hunter Moon, the full moon in Aries. Which is asking us to accept our desires, believe in them and passionately move forward to embody them. I am feeling called to share more of my Indigenous ways of being and bringing that into a space where professionalism has tended to dismember our humanity.

During Covid we saw a huge re-alignment with Mother Nature as a way for us to get through these difficult times. It has been a beautiful unification, as our society has truly disconnected us from Mother Nature’s cycles.

In the NW part of South America, and in the communities that speak Kichwa (Northern Ecuador-Northern Incan) culture of the Andes the moon is a part of our lives, and our rituals. It is in many cultures, especially those that keep the lunar calendar.

Across all Indigenous people, instead of saying we have our period, we say, “we are on our moon”. Please don’t appropriate.

I share this because, the natural cycles of life is something that is part of Indigenous culture and something that culturally and spiritually hasn’t been able to be practiced.

All women bodies are naturally aligned to moon cycles. We are pregnant for 40 weeks and our universal clock is aligned with Mother Nature and the moon.

The moon governs the oceans, wraps us in a blanket called gravity where we don’t have to work at standing on the ground.

Before colonization and patriarchy, we were able to live as our culture saw fit, women would go and rest during their moon time. We would have others take up the work in our community, in our homes, with our families so that we could rest during this physical, spiritual, mental and emotional sacrifice called our menstruation.

In Indigenous culture, our menstruation is the hope for the future, so it is a time of honoring this hope for new life, and honoring this sacrifice that women naturally make.

I know, you might say, come on, this is an email, a “Be Professiona!”, why are talking about menstruation. Because we cannot diversify a workplace if we ARE NOT allowed or welcomed to share a women’s perspective or an Indigenous cultural understandings in professional settings.

You see Indigenous people still do not have the freedom to practice their culture or spirituality. And all women need a workplace that includes practices that accept them and their bodies.

You see in the 1970’s when women entered the workforce it was already built by men.  But we entered it, and we were never able to say, “Hey we are menstruating and won’t work during this time.”

Even today, with all the research, we are still not paid as much as men.  I believe even if we look at what white women earn it’s 75 cents to the dollar, Indigenous women 60 cents, Black women 58 cents, Latin women 57 cents. The point is, when will women truly be included in the workplace?

Indigenous women and de-tribalized indigenous women/migrant workers/essential workers are still not able to practice their right to religious freedom, or cultural freedom. Which is the colonial framework that still informs our processes and workplace culture.

I share this Indigenous understanding and perspective on this day simply because I was called.

Because I hope for the day that Indigenous day will actually be everyday. When all of our children’s bodies that have ovaries can be honored, when we the feminine will be seen, integrated and respected all the time.

Celebrate Indigenous Day!

La India Colorada

Accept Your Desire
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