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Most water is H2O but groundbreaking research from Harvard and Cornell has found that water in our cells and in plant cells is actually H3O2 - it is gel-like water charged by electrolytes. When touching most surfaces in the body, water transforms itself into so‐called Exclusion Zone (EZ) water, whose formula is H3O2. EZ water differs in all respects from H2O. And, there is a lot of it, everywhere.

This gel water acts as fuel for every action of every cell says Dr. Gerald Pollack, Ph.D, head of University of Washington's Pollack Water Lab and author of The Fourth Phase of Water (liquid, gas, solid and H3O2). While the science is complicated, it means that gel water is magical and primes our cells for every function. So increasing gel water is one of the best things to do for all healthy organ & joint function, sleeping, mood regulation and weight loss. And the easiest, faster way to do that is to MELT and do Pilates.

Here's why: your fascia is a spongy connective tissue system that criss-crosses your body and acts like an intricate water delivery system, and that is activated by small movements. These small, localized, soft, gentle movements get your cellular hydration action going.

MELT Method fitness and education is available at Annabel, Rose & Ruth at MELT Method Winnipeg inside Pilates Manitoba where you can also do Fitness Pilates, Therapeutic Pilates, Plus Size Fitness and Physiotherapy Pilates.

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Pilates Manitoba, 390 Academy Road & Park City West Comm Centre
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