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Newsletter November, 2020
What's New?
Fully Integrated Inchainge website
We are proud to announce that we have now come full circle by integrating all of our separate product websites. Find everything at our brand new one-stop-shop, the Inchainge website.

Over the past 10 years we have evolved and adopted a holistic strategy.
We recognized that our customers have a wide range of ‘learning objectives’. The learning journeys created by the combination of our business games offer a powerful and highly valued proposition that meets market needs.

Our business simulation games offer the Ultimate Learning Experience. Everything you need to know about The Fresh Connection, The Cool Connection, and The Blue Connection is now available in one place!
What's Coming Soon?
New Release of The Blue Connection
The long awaited new release of our business game, The Blue Connection is coming in November! New features include a Return on Material KPI and a Vendor Lease Loan option. With a re-designed interface you can immerse yourself in facing the challenges and opportunities of going circular. Stay tuned and follow us on LinkedIn to learn more about the new release of The Blue connection! #GoCircular!
Online Train the Trainer (e-learning)
Become certified with the self-paced ‘Online Train the Trainer’ (e-learning) for The Blue Connection. Gain in-depth knowledge on the learning dynamics, how the simulation works, and how to enhance the learning effects for the participants. Experience the challenges and opportunities of transforming a linear supply chain into a circular value challenges at your own speed. Going through this training takes one day, but since it is self-paced you can split this up in parts at your own convenience. Soon available!
The Blue Connection - Multimedia Online Teaching Case
The Blue Connection is an innovative web-based business simulation game. It engages participants in the transformation from a linear to a circular value chain by implementing a circular strategy for a virtual e-bike manufacturer. This free Harvard style teaching case will be launched in November. Experience the circular way of doing business for a sustainable future.


Explore Teaching Materials

Cash is King - Multimedia Online Teaching Case
The COVID-19 crisis is disrupting the day-to-day operations of businesses all over the world. Now more than ever, a company’s need for capital can come quickly and unpredictably. As a result, there is a real risk for otherwise healthy companies to run out of cash. What can businesses do to safeguard their cash flow, working capital and ultimately their company?
Cash is King is a fascinating free Harvard style teaching case that will highly engage your students. Get it now!
How to use Voting sessions in your course
The Fresh Connection voting session is a highly interactive tool developed to introduce The Fresh Connection to larger audiences. It is also an effective way to kick off training programs. Most educators have at least part of their classes online. It is a continuous challenge to motivate and engage students, especially online. Our Voting Session tool can be easily used to engage students online and in the class room.

International News of the Month

Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences goes circular!
Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences proves once again that their teaching approach is to make the experience for their students as close to the real world as possible. 160 students were asked to first manage the transition from a linear to a circular strategy of a virtual e-bike manufacturer in the circular strategy game, The Blue Connection. After that, real world application took place where they had do an MCI Business scan for an actual company!
The Blue Connection chosen as one of the best circular economy solutions in the world by Sitra!
Sitra collaborates with partners from different sectors to research, trial and implement bold new ideas that shape the future. To support the transition to a circular economy, Sitra has compiled a list of inspirational circular solutions from all around the globe. The Blue Connection was chosen to be one of the 39 circular economy solutions to inspire the world!
Virtual Exchange Partnership transforms  Education
The COVID-19 crisis has impacted education in many ways, like challenging universities to come up with alternatives for international exchange programs. Windesheim University of applied sciences teamed up with six European universities  to host a Virtual Exchange Program in a 3D environment. Students will play The Blue Connection as part of a course. Get insights into  this innovative way of offering students the benefits of international exchange!

10th Year Anniversary of Inchainge

Our track record over the past decade
We develop Value Chain Leaders in both the corporate and the education sector! The key to successful development, we strongly believe, is breaking down organizational silos. By making professionals and students go through an experience in a team, they will leave with better understanding, critical skills development and above all: alignment.

International Events

Global Student Challenge Final Week
The Global Student Challenge is the world’s #1 Value Chain Competition.
This year we go fully online for the first time ever! The top teams qualify for an action-packed Online Global Final week: May 2nd – May 8th, 2021. The best teams will battle for EUR 10,000 in cash prizes and the title of world champion. Check it out now!

Inchainge Connect Educator Conference
The Inchainge Connect Educator Conference is run parallel to the Global Student Challenge and it's not just a conference but an experience! Get an impression of the event with this teaser video! The next edition of 2021 will be fully online. Follow us on LinkedIn to stay updated!

Agenda – Upcoming events

Using Business Games
in Remote Teaching Programs
Friday, October 30th
3 PM - 4 PM CET

Online Train the Trainer
The Cool Connection
November 4th & 6th
1 PM - 5 PM CET

Online Train the Trainer
The Cool Connection
November 14th
8 AM - 5 PM  (CDT)

Online Train the Trainer
The Fresh Connection
November 14th & 21st
2 PM - 6 PM  (GMT -5)
WCM in times of crisis
The Cool Connection
Friday, November 20th
4 PM - 5 PM (CET)
'Cash is King' Teaching Case

Online Train the Trainer
The Fresh Connection
Friday, November 26th & 27th
1 PM - 5 PM (CET)
MSC Masterclass by Ed Weenk
The Fresh Connection
Friday, November 27th
3:30 - 5 PM (CET)
Mastering the Supply Chain Textbook

Online Train the Trainer
The Fresh Connection
December 2nd & 3rd
1 PM - 5 PM (CET)


Product Portfolio

Bridging the Physical and Financial Value Chain

Experience how management of working capital is essential to a company's fundamental financial health. Learn how to shorten the Cash Conversion Cycle to boost bottom line.
Get an understanding of SCF, deal with currency and market risks, trade, and much more.

The Ultimate Value Chain Experience

Experience the power of true alignment and a well-articulated supply chain strategy, supported by tactical skills and knowledge. Tear down functional silos and create the right cross functional mindset. Dive into S&OP, shelf-life, safety stock, SLAs, and more.

Transforming from a Linear to a Circular Value Chain!

Learn how to adopt a circular approach and transition away from a take-make dispose linear production, towards business models that allow goods to be designed and produced for extended use, disassembly, reuse and recycling from the outset, and much more.

Thank you for reading our Newsletter of November
The whole Inchainge team wishes you a Safe & Healthy School Year!
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