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Newsletter June, 2020
Explore Teaching Materials
Integrated Teaching Concept
Get started today! Everything you need to start, upgrade, or expand your course is included. Our Teaching Concept takes away the stress of planning & designing but is still customizable! Additionally, you control whether to teach in a physical classroom, fully online, or a hybrid setting. The full concept includes the revered Mastering the Supply Chain textbook, our business simulation game(s), educator course materials, exercises, videos and more!
Multimedia Online Teaching Cases
The Multimedia Online Teaching Case on Managing Risk to Global Supply Chains during the Covid-19 crisis has been acquired by more than 300 educators around the world! We are now excited to announce the upcoming French version that will be available next week. You can already download the English, Spanish and German variants of this Harvard style teaching case.
Online Train the Trainer
The Online Train the Trainer (e-learning) allows you to become certified for The Fresh Connection. You will get acquainted with The Fresh Connection, it's Supply Chain content, the learning dynamics and the consequences of Supply Chain decisions at your own speed. It is also a great refresher for experienced educators who want to dive back into the wide range of settings and options. Going through this training takes one day, but since it is self-paced you can split this up in parts at your own convenience.

International News of the Month

Sweden goes Circular with
The Blue Connection

The University of Gothenburg is one of the oldest and largest universities in Scandinavia. Living up to their reputation as an innovator they scooped the premiere for having the first online course with The Blue Connection in the region. The Blue Connection is the world’s first and most comprehensive circular business simulation game. During a 3-day online course 266 students experienced the opportunities and challenges of transitioning from linear to circular business models. Much appreciation to Professor Viktor Elliot who was the  initiator of this exciting event!
The Fresh Connection earns national recognition in Mexico
Monterrey Institute of Technology and higher education is one of the most prestigious universities in Latin America. This top-ranked Mexican university gave national recognition to The Fresh Connection after being one of the best-evaluated challenges during the intellectual week known as “Semana i”. This is an annual event where students and teachers participate in various experiential learning activities. During this week, industrial engineering students got the opportunity to participate in the Ultimate Value Chain Experience. A special thank you to Professor Luis Enrique Herrera del Canto for making this happen!

International Events

Global Student Challenge Final Week
The Global Student Challenge is the world’s #1 Value Chain Competition. The top 30 teams qualify for an action-packed Global Final week in The Netherlands! The next Global Final Week event: May 2nd – May 8th, 2021. Check out the video of our latest edition and see how students and educators enjoy this multicultural event!
Inchainge Connect Educator Conference
The Inchainge Connect Educator Conference is run parallel to the Global Student Challenge and it's not just a conference but an experience! Get an impression of the event with this teaser video! Save the dates for the 2021 edition: May 3rd – May 7th.

Educator Community

Nicolai is a recognized professional in the supply chain management field. He has been president of the APICS Montreal organization and has more than 20 years of experience in the sector. We are proud to have him as an experienced lecturer in our educator community. Watch this interview in which he shares his experiences!
Nicolai Rassolov – SCM and SC Field Project Lecturer at McGill University (Canada)

Agenda – Upcoming events

Teaching case Webinar
The New normal
after Covid-19
& Value Chain Management under Constrained Capacity

Thursday, June 25
Online Train the Trainer
Educator workshop
The Fresh Connection
Dutch Language

Thursdays, June 25 & July 2

Product Portfolio

Bridging the physical and financial value chain

Experience how management of working capital is essential to a company's fundamental financial health. Learn how to shorten the Cash Conversion Cycle to boost bottom line.
Get an understanding of SCF, deal with currency and market risks, trade, and much more.

The ultimate value chain experience

Experience the power of true alignment and a well-articulated supply chain strategy, supported by tactical skills and knowledge. Tear down functional silos and create the right cross functional mindset. Dive into S&OP, shelf-life, safety stock, SLAs, and more.

Transforming from a linear to a circular value chain!

Learn how to adopt a circular approach and transition away from a take-make dispose linear production, towards business models that allow goods to be designed and produced for extended use, disassembly, reuse and recycling from the outset, and much more.

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