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Thank you for your support through the lockdown. We hope you and your families are all well, happy and healthy. We are going to be re-opening soon for in- person training, following all distancing and hygiene protocols, while keeping an active virtual class schedule as well.

After our shutdown March 20, the landlord took over the space to do major construction for the residential renovations next door so we are re-locating.

We are in the midst of finalizing plans. It is going to be 2 smaller locations, one in the River Heights neighbourhood and one in a new market area in Charleswood. You will be able to attend either location. One location will open this week hopefully  but as things are crazy fluid and change daily, please stay tuned for final dates to be announced. Please call, text or email with any questions you may have.

We look forward to seeing you again in person. If it is not til the fall, have a great summer.

We have now been running our online Zoom classes for over 2 months now and we know how much you have all been enjoying and benefitting from them.

When we moved on-line, the starting point was to keep connected to you, our clients, and to generate some much-needed income for our instructors and for Pilates Manitoba to help us get through this time.

We kept our pricing very low to make our classes accessible to all and from the outset we have offered lots of free resources as well. We are proud of what we have built and how quickly and smoothly we have provided this for you.

We never anticipated our on-line classes would be our main class offering so many weeks and months after the shutdown and while we are eager to re-open Pilates Manitoba for in-person classes and privates, we are realistic that larger  capacity  may not happen for some time. We are committed to offering ZOOM on-line classes for you long term. It is convenient for clients  and instructors alike... at the lake, clients with disabilities and mobility issues as well as safety come fall.

We have decided to make a minimal price adjustment immediately to our Zoom classes while still keeping our prices low and accessible for you. The price for pre-paid Zoom classes only, will be $75 for five classes plus GST = $78.75 or if you would prefer a 10-class pass, it would cost $150 plus GST = $157.50. You can e-transfer us your payment to  No security question is needed. Even with the slight increase, this is still an excellent value for the money. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at any time and we would be happy to help or explain the changes.

Now you can take your incredible instructor with you to the lake this summer and see them in the fall at home if that is your desire.
We hope you are enjoying the online classes. As you may be aware there was a Zoom app update May 30, so if you haven't already updated, next time you try to join a class it will force you to update your app before you can proceed...

So to save time be sure to update your Zoom app before your next class.

Note: A few people have reported some issues since the update and in most cases deleting the app completely from your device and doing a fresh instal seems to solve most cases.

We look forward to seeing you online soon!

Have a question? Contact Your instructors at Pilates Manitoba, ELDOA Winnipeg and MELT Method at Pilates Manitoba are here and standing by your side every step of the way!

Pilates Manitoba is a collaboration of CAM Practitioners (Complementary and Alternative Medicine Practitioners) that offers a variety of practices & methods that support healing, whole body integrative, wellness and growth.

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