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AUGUST 12, 2021

To Work Remotely – How Much of a Pay Cut Will You Take?

Maybe it’s because I’ve seen too many employee surveys. Maybe because I’m a little too cynical. (Or maybe both).
Look – it’s my experience that if you offer anyone something good for free, they’re going to take it.
So if I tell you – you can work from home full-time, 95% of you will take it. (I find about 5% of employees prefer working at the office full-time; hybrid – somewhere in the middle).
So if I said you could work and live in the location of your setting, what would that be worth to you? If there was no disincentive, you’d probably say yes. (That’s what most employees say).
But if there’s a consequence – lack of promotional opportunity, for example. What happens then?
And it’s not a general, overall principle that applies here. A recent study showed that 65% of employees were willing to take “a pay cut” to work remotely full time. I thought that was a bit high. So did my man Tim Sackett, who went a bit further:
He asked employees how much of a pay cut they were willing to take to be able to work remotely.
The results might or might not surprise you.

Three ways the pandemic changed your work brain

I get tired more easily now.
Turns out sitting in front of a computer screen for 10 hours a day changes your brain.
Turns out that commute was a pretty good way of transitioning your work brain to your home brain.
And there’s more.

Communicate Better With Employees (Regardless of Where They Work)

I have laid out time and time again: the key to great leadership is communication. If you don’t communicate well, it doesn’t matter how smart you are or how hard you work; you’re going to fail.
It’s a struggle to always communicate better, but there’s nothing more important to your effectiveness as a lead to do so.
Regardless if they’re in front of you in person or on a screen.

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