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Exciting news, we have just launched the new website.

It has been exciting… and very illuminating.

When COVID-19 hit, like many businesses, we lost a significant part of our revenue, especially from my keynote speaking business. In a few days, three months of keynote bookings were wiped from the diary.

I knew my purpose was waking people up to a better way of living, working and leading but without keynotes, I had to learn a new way to help people. If I wasn’t a keynote speaker, then who was I?

Our priority quickly became about finding ways to partner with organisations and help them ride the waves of the pandemic, and ensuring and the full-time staff we employ, survived.   

This website has been a culmination of hours of work and hours of soul searching. A big part of the process was gaining clarity on the value that my two businesses provide – (me) to individuals and (we) to organisations on a larger scale.   

Answering the question “so, what do you do?” has never been easy for me. The reality is I do lots of different things. As a result of writing this website, I now have a clear positioning:

“I speak, I coach, I write, I teach, I podcast all things human performance.”

So, what’s the moral of the story?

There are three.

  1. Understand your purpose. When you know your purpose, you’ll tap reserves of energy, determination and courage you didn’t know you had. Your mission will become clear.  You can usually find your purpose statement by combining your contribution and impact on others. To get clarity on what yours is, think back to a time you were ‘in flow’. What strengths did you bring to that experience and what did you love about it? What positive impact did you have on others? If you don’t know what your purpose is, we can help you with that.

  1. Sharpen your decision-making filter. Leverage your purpose to guide you through everyday decisions. Your purpose is the thread that runs through everything you do. Every week I get asked about how to boost physical and psychological performance; monetise online programs; or how to start coaching, speaking, and writing businesses. Without a clear purpose, it would have been easy to say yes to everyone in an effort to rebuild the business (as a result I am launching a Business Masterclass to support business owners and information experts to 10x their business, but more on that later – you can register your interest here).

  1. Listen to what people are saying. Really listen and notice the patterns and trends. Take note of the questions your customers are asking you: on social, in meetings, at the end of keynote presentations (yes, I still do them). Instead of creating products and services that you really love, you’ll be much better positioned creating something your customers really need.

If you haven’t checked out my new website yet, please do. I’m excited to hear what you think.

This month, you can:

WATCH – The Story Behind Why I Do What I Do

READ – Mastering the 3 Levels of Virtual Communication  

LISTEN – Shelley Roberts Podcast on Compassion and Building Communities

ENGAGE – Business Masterclass  

That’s all for now.

A happy and safe Easter to all,

Why I Do What I Do

Here’s the story behind what gets me going in the morning.

This video explains how I answer the questions ‘so, what do you do?’ and ‘why do you do it?'.

Mastering the 3 Levels of Virtual Communication

COVID-19 has revolutionised the way we work and live. One of the biggest upheavals many businesses are still grappling with is the way they communicate virtually – specifically how they meet on a regular basis; how they educate and train; and how they inspire and reward employees throughout the year.

In the past 12 months we have been on a virtual communication fast-track and we now have a purpose-built studio with three cameras, a Black Magic presentation deck, green screen and virtual whiteboards.

Virtual Communication Mentoring: I have recently started mentoring business leaders and teams on how to ramp up their online presence and professionalism. If you’d like more information about this service, let us know.

Shelley Roberts - Compassion, Building Communities and Feeding the Country

Shelley Roberts is Managing Director of Compass Group, Australia's largest food services company with over 11,000 Australian employees; operating in 450 different client locations; serving 64 million meals each year across the country.

Shelley has been putting food on the table, operating from a sense of compassion and social justice and bringing experiences to peoples’ lives ever since she was a young girl growing up in South Africa with parents who ran a restaurant. Shelley’s previous roles have included Executive Director of Tiger Airways Australia and leadership positions at Macquarie Airports, Macquarie Bank and EasyJet Airline. Shelley is an active member of Chief Executive Women.

Business Masterclass

Business Masterclass is a 12-month coaching and business growth accelerator. The first intake commences 1st June 2021 and there are limited numbers. The pre-requisite is you must already be making over $250K and there is an interview process to join.

Business Masterclass will coach you to:

  • Create captivating IP and new content

  • Position yourself as a highly paid expert/influencer

  • Write attention seeking blogs, articles, social media posts, white papers and books
  • Launch successful information products including podcasts, online courses and digital platforms
  • Access the gig economy to design logos and branding, create presentations, drive social media content, manage admin and more
  • Build a compelling brand that
  • Make great money from being a speaker, author, coach, trainer, podcaster