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ATTN: Midwives, Obstetricians, Doulas, Alternative-Complementary Therapists, LA's & all those associated in any way with Maternal or Infant health & well-being


You may already be familiar with the above SOMCANZ logo (Symposium of Maternity Carers NZ), who have previously created the world's new-millennium conferences on Integrative Maternity HealthCare.

But BIG NEWS, is that due to growing worldwide demand, we have needed to update the acronym. We are now renamed IIMHCO (International Integrative Maternity HealthCare Organization) and our next Global Summit will be hosted in Auckland New Zealand, next year, 27-28-29 September 2019.

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keen to share your expert knowledge, do start thinking about Abstracts you may want to submit. But for now there's nothing more you need to do - we will be in touch again later with submission details.

FOR MATERNITY/INFANT PRODUCT/SERVICE SUPPLIERS who are potentially keen to be a 2019 conference Sponsor or Exhibitor, then feel free to please email conference manager Caroline Jack (We are currently finalizing the conference Prospectus, but we welcome early expressions of interest - we have a history of selling out.)

TIME TO VISIT BREATHTAKING NEW ZEALAND For those potentially flying long-haul to attend, we suggest planning now to incorporate this Conference as a business trip, with perhaps a divine holiday Down-Under to visit us friendly Kiwis in 100%-Pure NZ. Our team are happy to give hints and tips about local touring ideas too. We luvz our Country!

Note:  If we have addressed your email with any kind of name/title error, or you have received duplicate emails to multiple addresses, please let us know so we can correct this.

If you wish to be deleted completely off the IIMHCO Integrative Maternity HealthCare conference email database, this is no problem.
imply reply to this e-mail with UNSUBSCRIBE in the Subject Line.

At the Kathy Fray's MOTHERWISE family, they strive to be a global impact for good ... creating smiles on Women's Faces, around the world. And with Kathy also being the founding director for the IIMHCO team, she feels it is imperative we do the same.

So this is just a heads-up that we will be joining forces with the international organization B1G1 (Buy 1, Give 1) in order to create a legacy of positive social change.

We want you to know that with every Exhibitor, Sponsor or Delegate conference financial investment, we will ensure your spending is made even more powerful by making sure that something great happens in the world, because what we and our attendees care about matters ... business commercial ethics merging with conscious consumer values!

Specific details are currently being finalized - but it will be along the lines of Kathy's MotherWise impact projects.

Definition of IMHC "Integrative Maternity HealthCare"

When the medical and the holistic, the contemporary and the traditional, the mainstream and the alternative all respect how they complement each other, and form a united revolution of cohesive evolution, to create the ultimate in Best Practice Maternity Care.

IIMHCO Mission Statement

A visionary aim for the revolutionary Maternity-Care cross-discipline exchange of progressive research, innovative knowledge, enlightened experience and radical ideas; in a medically professional and universally holistic environment of liberal open-mindedness; for the compelling passion to create a global impact, by giving Women worldwide access to triadic body-mind-spirit maternal-neonatal health well-being, inspired by the values of humanistic empowerment.


IIMHCO recognizes that complementary therapies can have important effects on the progress of pregnancy, labor and birth, and the postnatal period for both the woman and her baby. Maternity health professionals incorporating these therapies into their practice should either have undertaken a recognized education qualification or refer clients to appropriately qualified practitioners.

PS - for those Self-Employed in NZ/Australia

Personal note from Kathy

When I 'semi-retired' last year from being a 24-7 on-call Midwife, I knew I needed some serious I.T. education on Social Media etc. I had been so busy catching babies for so long, my marketing know-how was stuck in archaic Yellow Pages days.

And I now have to say a BIG Thank You to the team at Business Blueprint who have taught me soooooo much this year. Like, OMG, you guys are amaze-balls!

So if you are self-employed and in need of a bit of (or a lot of) business development guidance through the labyrinth of modern Social Media marketing, I can't recommend highly enough, checking them out by attending one of their free full-day "52 Ways" workshops. An amazing day where you'll learn HEAPS!  

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ATTN: New Zealand Midwives & Reflexologists
The divine maternity reflexology guru Lyndall Mollart is doing a one-day workshop in Albany Auckland on Wed 3rd Oct

Enjoy this overview of TCM sole to soul Acupressure, including practical hands-on training of the eight acupressure points that aid with malpresentation, malposition, priming, N&V, contraction augmentation, RPOC, afterpains, and BF assistance.

From the Team at